O-Day 2018

O-Day 2018


Welcome Class of 2022 to the Lazaridis Students’ Society’s Orientation Day 2018! Head over to https://www.facebook.com/events/189833541891110/ to get all event info and RSVP! 

NOTE: This event is made possible in part through the Lazaridis Students' Society Faculty Levy. If your program does not contribute to the Lazaridis Students' Society Faculty Levy then a small surcharge will be added to your ticket. The student society will verify your selection and reserves the right to refuse entry into the event should a discrepancy be found.

There is no physical ticket required. Just make sure to bring a piece of ID to the event to check in.

By purchasing a ticket you agree to the following:
I acknowledge that the Wilfrid Laurier University Students Union with its respective officers, directors, employees, volunteers, contractors and event organizers are in no way responsible for any injury or damages sustained in my participation in O-Day run by the Lazaridis Student Society. As such I recognize and assume all of the risks associated and will take reasonable steps at all times to avoid placing myself in dangerous and/or hazardous situations.
I understand that if I am not present by 11am on September 9th, the ticket becomes invalid and the resale of my ticket may occur.

Required Information:

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