The Future of Work - WAYE Talk

The Future of Work - WAYE Talk


The Lazaridis Students’ Society is excited to invite you to the first ever WAYE Talk on Laurier Campus, on Wednesday January 29th, in the Turret, from 6:30-9:00pm.

WAYE is an amazing organization that puts on talks to help educate young people on the intersection of business, technology, and the future, with a focus on non-traditional and minority markets. The insights from the WAYE CEO and Laurier Alum Sinead Bovell help to inspire young adults as they prepare for the digital future and the future of work.

This WAYE x Lazaridis Students’ Society talk will help educate students on how to prepare for the future of work and challenge students to think about the future to expand their beliefs on all that could be possible, while fostering innovation to create.

Join us on January 29th for this dynamic conversation with Steve McCaughey, Deloitte Consulting Partner & Managing Partner at DSpace, and Founder and CEO of WAYE Sinead Bovell.

Ticket sales close on Tuesday January 28th at 11:59PM. Limited tickets will be sold so get yours while they're available!

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